An enumeration used to represent the sex of an individual. This element does not represent gender identity or KaryotypicSex, but instead represents typical “phenotypic sex”, as would be determined by a midwife or physician at birth.

Data model

Implementation note - this is an enumerated type, therefore the values represented below are the only legal values. The value of this type SHALL NOT be null, instead it SHALL use the 0 (zero) ordinal element as the default value, should none be specified.

Name Ordinal Description
UNKNOWN_SEX 0 Not assessed or not available. Maps to NCIT:C17998
FEMALE 1 Female sex. Maps to NCIT:C46113
MALE 2 Male sex. Maps to NCIT:C46112
OTHER_SEX 3 It is not possible to accurately assess the applicability of MALE/FEMALE. Maps to NCIT:C45908


    "sex": "UNKNOWN_SEX"