This element describes medications, procedures, other actions taken for clinical management. The element is a list of options.

Data model

Definition of the MedicalAction element
Field Type Multiplicity Description
action one of {Procedure | Treatment | RadiationTherapy | TherapeuticRegimen} 1..1 One of a list of medical actions. REQUIRED.
treatment_target OntologyClass 0..1 The condition or disease that this treatment was intended to address
treatment_intent OntologyClass 0..1 Whether the intention of the treatment was curative, palliative…
response_to_treatment OntologyClass 0..1 How the patient responded to the treatment
adverse_events OntologyClass (List) 0..* Any adverse effects experienced by the patient attributed to the treatment
treatment_termination_reason OntologyClass 0..1 The reason that the treatment was stopped.


Each MedicalAction element refers to one of the following specific types of medical action: