Working with Phenopackets

The phenopacket schema has been introduced in Phenopacket Schema and can be considered the source of truth for the specification. While it is possible to inter-operate with other services using JSON produced from hand-crafted/alternative implementations, we strongly suggest using the schema to compile any required language implementations.

Example code

We provide several examples that demonstrate how to work with Phenopackets in Java and C++. There are also Python examples in the source code test directory. All three langauge implementations are automatically produced as part of the build (Java Build).

Security disclaimer

A stand-alone security review has been performed on the specification itself, however these example implementations are offered as-is, and without any security guarantees. They will need an independent security review before they can be considered ready for use in security-critical applications. If you integrate this code into your application it is AT YOUR OWN RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY to arrange for an audit.