The Procedure element represents a clinical procedure performed on a subject. For example a surgical or diagnostic procedure such as a biopsy.

If the Procedure element is used, it must contain a code element, but only need contain the body_site element if needed.

Data model

Field Type Multiplicity Description
code OntologyClass 1..1 clinical procedure performed. REQUIRED.
body_site OntologyClass 0..* specific body site where the procedure was performed
performed TimeElement 0..* age/time when the procedure was performed


In this example, a skin biopsy from the skin of the forearm is perfomed on an individual who is 25 years old.

        id: "NCIT:C28743"
        label: "Punch Biopsy"
        id: "UBERON:0003403"
        label: "skin of forearm"
            iso8601duration: "P25Y"



This element is an OntologyClass that represents clinical procedure performed on a subject. For instance, Biopsy of Soft Palate would be represented as follows.

    "code": {
        "id": "NCIT:C51585",
        "label": "Biopsy of Soft Palate"

body site

In cases where it is not possible to represent the procedure adequately with a single OntologyClass, the body site should be indicated using a separate ontology class. For instance, the following indicates a punch biopsy on the skin of the forearm.

    "code" {
        "id": "NCIT:C28743",
        "label": "Punch Biopsy"
    "bodySite" {
        "id": "UBERON:0003403",
        "label": "skin of forearm"