This enumeration represents the chromosomal sex of an individual.

Data model

Implementation note - this is an enumerated type, therefore the values represented below are the only legal values. The value of this type SHALL NOT be null, instead it SHALL use the 0 (zero) ordinal element as the default value, should none be specified.

Name Ordinal Description
UNKNOWN_KARYOTYPE 0 Untyped or inconclusive karyotyping
XX 1 Female
XY 2 Male
XO 3 Single X chromosome only
XXY 4 Two X and one Y chromosome
XXX 5 Three X chromosomes
XXYY 6 Two X chromosomes and two Y chromosomes
XXXY 7 Three X chromosomes and one Y chromosome
XXXX 8 Four X chromosomes
XYY 9 One X and two Y chromosomes
OTHER_KARYOTYPE 10 None of the above types