FHIR Implementation Guide

Phenopacket on FHIR is a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Implementation Guide (IG) based on the Phenopacket standard. It is meant to be conceptually equivalent but not directly interoperable. The guide is hosted at:


A list of the FHIR artifacts defined as part of this implementation guide can be found at http://phenopackets.org/core-ig/master/artifacts.html

Briefly, the implementation guide includes definitions for the properties by which a RESTFUL server can be queried (Search Parameters), the constraints on FHIR resources for systems (Resource Profiles) and on FHIR data types (Extension Definitions) conforming to this implementation guide, and the existent sets of codes (Value Sets) and new Code Systems used by systems that conform to the Phenopacket FHIR IG.

As well, with the help of the community, we are driving efforts to capture an analysis of the domain modeled in the Phenopacket schema, additional use cases and modeling requirements, how to address interoperability with the FHIR standard, and other relevant content. This Domain Analysis Document (DAD) is constantly evolving, and all members of the Phenopacket standard community are welcome to contribute. The DAD can be found at https://phenopackets-analysis.readthedocs.io/en/latest/